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Introducing Company 360

Company 360 is your one stop shop for due diligence. Reduce investment risk and find undervalued stocks with Value Investing method.

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Super Investor will identify potential short squeezes by comparing institutional ownership, hype and short interest for selected stocks. Users can see if their stock picks are owned by institutional investors. It also provides info about retail investors' sentiment on r/WallStreetBets.

Company 360 is designed to help retail investors turn stock picking into a proper research process, this app provides access to a range of information about public companies and includes analysis tools. Benefit from using Value Investing strategy to help users reduce investment risk and potentially profit.

Save & Buy can help you save up for those special purchases! Just set aside some money each week, month, or year, and watch your savings grow. You can even edit your saving schedule to fit your specific plans. It will show you when you'll have enough money saved to make your big purchase.

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Customer voices

“Great app to research super investors.”

Krish, user from UK

“The app is great and does what it promises.”

Peter, user from Australia

“It’s an easy to use app, everything is explained.”

Nade, user from US

About us

Ultra Jet team are iOS (Swift) enthusiasts with a strong believe that Fintech's new frontier is in mobile apps. We offer products for value investing research.

We bring to the table over 20 years of experience in software development and financial services.



Aliso Viejo, California




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