Ultra Jet team brings to the table almost two decades of experience in software development, primarily in Financial Services. Our extensive knowledge base and diverse skills are in Fintech and Data Management (ETL, Warehousing & Business Intelligence). Team's experience comes from working for Fortune 500 companies as well as start-up businesses. We offer products for calculating personal finances and data management.

Featured Products

File Parser

File Parser

Status: Available

Fast, efficient and easy-to-use Windows application for extracting and mining data from files. Application processes flat files (custom separator or fixed-width and optional header row). Examples of flat files include Excel spreadsheet saved in CSV format and database exported records.
Features include:

  • User Interface to load, search and extract files.
  • Extract functionality: one input file to many output files.
  • Extract functionality: format output file for anther system or for a bulk insert into a database.
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  • High speed processing: Tested using complex pattern search on file with 400,000 records. Search completed in 6 sec.
  • Ability for users to create/edit search conditions.
  • User defined format of output files (column delimiter, columns).
  • Auto-generation of SQL insert statements for Postgres, Oracle, MS SQL Server and DB2.

Business organizations that exchange, process and load large data files:
  • Financial Services: customer, banking, securities performance records.
  • Healthcare: patient, clinical trials data.
  • Marketing: customer trends and patterns records.

  • Application Type: Desktop (exe)
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Programming Language: C#

Ultra Mortgage

Ultra Mortgage

Status: Available

iPhone application for personal use.
Beginners guide to mortgage calculation provides step-by-step instructions to model scenarios:

  • Calculates fixed rate, variable rate and refinance scenarios.
  • Estimates monthly payment amounts.
  • Breaks down annual payment into amounts paid for interest, principal, tax and insurance.
  • Explains key terms and concepts with emphasis on giving advantage to the user.
  • Provides detailed calculation formula description.
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  • Explains details of mortgage calculation and terminology.
  • Presents advantages of different morgage scenarios.

  • First time home buyers.
  • Mortgage holders.
  • Real estate investors.

  • Application Type: iPhone
  • Operating System: iOS
  • Programming Language: Swift

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