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Greatest asset in stock investing is knowledge. Investors using Ultra Jet's research apps can do a better estimate of a company's stock price and profit from buying and selling. Use the power to actively research stocks from iPhone and iPad.

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Company 360

Company 360

Find undervalued stocks

Find undervalued stocks with Company 360. A must-have research app for retail investors. Reduce investment risk by doing proper due diligence. Company 360 pulls together company profile, investors, earnings, insider trading and financial statements.
Analysis includes:
  • Valuation based on key indicators, P/E Ratio and prof. Benjamin Graham (Warren Buffett was his student) formulas for intrinsic value.
  • Formulas and input data are explained in detail.
  • Dividend Yield calculation.
  • Insider transactions.

Formulas based on academic research:
  • Magic Formula Screener.
  • Piotroski F-Score: Formula that identified financially strong companies even during crisis of 2007-2008.
  • Bankruptcy Test (Altman Z-Score): Formula to check if company is heading for bankruptcy.
  • Earnings Fraud Test (Beneish M-Score): Formula that exposed earnings manipulation by Enron.

  • Analysis against top 50 r/WallStreetBets discussed stocks.
  • All available data is presented under a single company profile.
  • Use of probability models based on academic research.
  • Access to valuation logic and formulas used by institutional investors
  • Detailed description of each key factor, intrinsic formula and probability model.
Retail Investors:
  • Interested in reducing investment risk.
  • Interested in learning key statistics and intrinsic value formulas for proper due diligence.
  • Interested in benefiting from past & present academic research.
  • Application Type: iPhone, iPad
  • Operating System: iOS
  • Programming Language: Swift
Super Investor

Super Investor

Find next short squeeze

Would you like to know if your stock pick is owned by Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett), Blackrock and other institutional/fund super investors? Do their holdings match your portfolio? Find out if your stock pick is being hyped by retail investors on WSB and other online forums. Review how many shares are borrowed by short-sellers.
Super Investor can identify a potential short squeeze by comparing institutional ownership, hype and short interest. During GME short squeeze, Fidelity, Vanguard and Michael Burry were the among the largest share holders. It was also the most discussed stock on WSB with bullish sentiment. Finally, short-sellers borrowed most of the outstanding shares.
  • Analysis of selected stocks (user portfolio) based on their top Institutional and Fund investors.
  • Number of matches - user stock picks found in institutional/fund investors' portfolios.
  • Detailed information about institutional/fund investors' holdings of selected stocks including value, number of shares and portfolio percent based on most recent holdings reports
  • Analysis of retail investors’ sentiment from WallStreetBets forum.
  • Analysis of short interest.
  • Compare selected stocks to holdings by institutional and fund investors.
  • Review % of shares borrowed by short-sellers.
  • Find retail sentiment for selected stock based on top 50 stocks discussed on WallStreetBets.
Retail Investors:
  • Interested in finding next great short squeeze.
  • Interested in reducing investment risk.
  • Interested in validating stocks vs. picks by institutional and retail investors.
  • Application Type: iPhone
  • Operating System: iOS
  • Programming Language: Swift

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