Ultra Jet team are iOS (Swift) enthusiasts with a strong believe that Fintech's new frontier is in mobile apps. We offer products for value investing research, mortgage calculations and just for fun camera app.

Featured Products

Company 360

Company 360

Status: Available

Company 360 pulls together data for publicly traded companies that includes company profile (address, business description, industry, key executives and their compensation), risk, price, income, cash flow, balance sheets, statistics and financials. Note: Public data on funds and ETFs is collected, but not evaluated. Valuation process uses this data for formulas and key factors analysis.
Features include:

  • UX to display 360 view of company's available data.
  • Analysis of key indicators and calculations to determine intrinsic value of stock (Valuation).
  • Graph risk analysis of selected securities in the watch list.
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  • Combines all available data of a company, fund or ETF under a single profile.
  • Easy to read reports on risk, income, cash flow, balance, price, statistics and financials.
  • Valuation logic that searches available data for analysis and calculatins.
  • Detailed description of significance of each key factor and formulas.

Value Investors:
  • Interested in learning key statistics and intrinsic value formulas.
  • Interested in long-term investment strategy.
  • Interested in providing investment advise.

  • Application Type: iPhone
  • Operating System: iOS
  • Programming Language: Swift

Super Investor

Super Investor

Status: Not Available - Retired

Stock valuation app dedicated to comparing your stock picks to superinvestors' holdings.
Privacy and Terms information is available in documentation.

  • Create a stock watch list
  • Analyze each stock pick against most recently filed holdings reports by a proprietary list of superinvestors.
  • Compile a list of superinvestors that own your stock picks or divested from them.
  • View entire list of superinvestors, their portfolio activity details and top owned stocks.
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  • Automatically downloads and processes holdings filings by superinvestors.
  • Compiles detailed analysis of superinvestors' activities.
  • Displays a list of superinvestors that purchased, hold or sold stocks from your watch list.

  • New and experienced investors
  • Financial services professionals

  • Application Type: iPhone
  • Operating System: iOS
  • Programming Language: Swift

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