Ultra Glide

Ultra Glide

Ultra Glide is a camera delay application for taking multiple photos and videos in any time frame.

Ultra Glide schedules camera to take photos and videos when you want it and as often as you want it. Virtual photographer captures the perfect moment, un-staged poses and genuine smiles. Include yourself in events with family and friends while Ultra Glide takes snapshots. High quality photos and videos are automatically saved in Photo Library and are perfect for sharing on social media. Be real, be yourself.

Data Privacy Statement (updated 12/12/2018)

User entered data (camera scheduling and purchased items information) is stored only in Ultra Glide application's User Settings (UserDefaults) on your device. This data is permanently deleted when application is deleted and can't be recovered. Data is never used for purposes other than this application and is never shared with 3rd parties.

Ultra Glide application doesn't collect personal data such as:

Version # Application User Guide

Ultra Glide v1.3

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