File Parser

File Parser

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Fast, efficient and easy-to-use Windows application for extracting and mining data from files. Application processes flat files (custom separator or fixed-width and optional header row). Examples of flat files include Excel spreadsheet saved in CSV format and database exported records. Extraction functionality produces custom formatted output files (delimiter, columns).


File Parser is a data management solution designed to load file contents into an object, then execute user defined queries to retrieve data subsets and filter out invalid data. The corner stone of the application is processing data in the object using LINQ avoiding inserting raw data into a database. LINQ queries have the ability of taking subsets of data significantly reducing overhead.

User via the UI can map data from file to columns (either specifying delimiter or taking a substring), construct LINQ queries, specify output format and produce extract files that either can be bulk inserted into a database or used as feeds for another system. Multiple extracts can be produced from the same loaded data file. Additional feature allows conversion of records into insert statements (limit configured for number of records) for DB2, Oracle, MS SQL and Postgres.

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File Parser v1.1

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2017 Ultra Jet Software Corporation